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Additional Job Assistance through Recording Connection’s Career Services Job Assistance Programme

When you’ve completed your course at the Australia Recording Connection and are ready to transition into your professional career, the Career Services Job Assistance Programme is here to help you make that transition.

While our unique mentor-apprentice learning approach enables many of our students to find paid employment in the recording industry even before they graduate, this is not the case for everyone. Some of our students need additional assistance in finding and availing themselves of job openings.

While “job placement assistance” for many schools consists of a printout of job leads, the Australia Recording Connection takes a much more involved approach with our Career Services Job Assistance Programme. We assign you to a Job Assistance Coordinator who will work with you for up to a year after graduation, guiding you through a series of helpful steps to position you for employment, and even contacting recording studios directly on your behalf.

This special programme begins about midway through your Recording Connection apprenticeship with a series of bi-weekly supplementary lessons and steps designed to place you on the road to gainful employment. These include the following:

  1. Preparing a 5-year plan for success. Identify your short-term, middle and long-term goals, and develop strategies for reaching them.
  2. Learning the techniques of self-promotion. Leverage multiple resources to get your name known in the business.
  3. Developing a professional image. Learn how you need to present yourself in order to be taken seriously.
  4. Developing a cover letter that will get you noticed.
  5. Developing your resume. Learn the techniques of writing and maintaining a winning resme that will improve your chances for getting hired.
  6. Developing your professional references. Compile a list of people in the business who will vouch for you.
  7. Developing a log of studios and/or companies. Research five places where you would like to work, and document every interaction with them.
  8. Applying to the five companies you identified above.
  9. Learning strategies for “creating” an interview. Discover tricks and techniques for landing an interview besides just adding your resume to a pile of others.
  10. Learning the all-important art of giving a winning interview.

Throughout the transition process, Student Services will remain at your disposal. Whether you need career advice, help with your cover letter or resume, or just a voice of encouragement, we are always within reach. Simply call or email us, and we are here to help.

The Recording Radio and Film Connection is a licensed and accredited school located globally. Please note that while we pledge to do our utmost to prepare our graduates for lucrative employment, we are not an employment agency or a job placement service, nor can we guarantee a job to anyone. That being said, we are highly committed to our students’ success, and will do our best to enable our students to have every possible opportunity to find work in the recording industry.

You provide the dedication and determination; we provide the resources and support. The Career Services Job Assistance Programme is here for you.