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First Steps Toward a Music Industry Career

With the Recording Connection Audio Institute, your first steps toward a successful music industry career are to apply online, get accepted into our programme, and begin learning one-on-one from professionals who are currently working in the music business (rather than from people who were, at one time, in the business)

As a student with us, you’ll follow our structured course curriculum in Music Producing and Audio Engineering, a curriculum filled with up-to-date and useful information. Along with the curriculum, we’ll provide you with Pro Tools and the Modern Recording Technique textbook, which are included in your tuition.

Be advised, Recording Connection’s course curriculum is no walk in the park—it is intensive, challenging and demanding. You’ll work through 20 comprehensive lessons, at the rate of one per week. The average time requirement for each lesson is approximately twenty hours—10 hours in-studio, and 10 additional hours of homework (plus whatever interning and lab work is involved with each lesson).

IN CASE YOU WERE WONDERING: As a Recording Connection student, you will be a student apprentice, NOT an intern. The nature of this industry (and our instruction method) naturally leans toward a certain amount of interning work as you “pay your dues,” but know that approximately 90 percent of your studio time will be spent apprenticing one-on-one with your mentor as you work through our structured course curriculum.


As a trained audio engineer/music producer, you’ll find that there are many exciting career options available to you, not only in recording studios, but also in the film and broadcast industries. If you are a person with ambition and passion, then with Recording Connection’s training, you’ll find plenty of opportunities to find a niche within various areas of the field of entertainment.

We offer automatic enrollment in our Stay Connected Job Assistance Programme for all approved Recording Connection graduates, providing 20 additional lessons specially designed to position you to make further industry connections and get your career off the ground. Most of the graduates of Recording Connection Audio Institute go on to rewarding careers in the music industry, many getting hired even before they graduate. This programme is just one more way we help our students find work.


Recording Connection students actually find themselves in a great position of advantage over other recording school students; while students of traditional audio schools are busy trying to get their foot in the door, our students are already in the door because they are training directly in the studio! That means that in a great many cases, our students get the inside track for job openings before other students even know about them. When you have spent quality time learning the ropes in a real recording studio, it is often a natural next step for that studio to hire you. That is why a great many of our students end up getting hired by the studio where they apprenticed. Studio owners much prefer to hire someone who already knows how things are done in their facility.

This isn’t an automatic process, though; as a student apprentice, you must show diligence, have a solid work ethic, and display an ambition to succeed. But as you can see, apprenticing in the studio gives you a chance like no other—a chance to prove yourself and your abilities to your mentor while you go through our programme. If you make a good impression, since your mentor is likely the person who does the hiring, when job openings arise, you have the chance to get yourself to the top of the short list.

“Job Assistance” for us does not mean simply providing job opening lists to our students, as many traditional schools do it. We have regular contact with record companies, studio owners, producers and engineers all over the world, and we put those connections to work for you. Once you are ready, we’ll actually work our connections, make introductions, initiate your application, and whatever else we can reasonably to do get you on the inside track to gainful employment in the music business.