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About Recording Connection and Keeping Your Day Job


This is a common question among our applicants, because in this economy many people can’t afford to quit their job to go to school. The answer is YES—you CAN keep your day job and attend our programme.

Recording Connection Audio Institute’s audio engineering course is both affordable and flexible—a tremendous value among other recording schools. Besides having one of the lowest tuition rates in the industry, with our unique programme you can skip relocation costs, because among our vast network of recording studios and mentors, we can place you with a mentor within an hour of where you live. Our one-on-one instruction method is also an advantage when it comes to scheduling, because your mentor and you are the only two people involved in deciding when you will attend class! This means that not only will you NOT have to quit your job in the process of relocating, but you can work your class schedule around your work schedule. Just bear in mind that the more time you can put into your education, the more of an advantage you will have in finding success in this industry.

Whether you dream of being an audio engineer, music producer, sound designer or live sound expert, there’s now no more need to put off pursuing that dream, either because of price or because of your job. The Recording Connection Audio Institute can help you reach your goals by offering an inexpensive and flexible alternative to traditional schools. So yes, you may keep your day job—at least until one opens up for you in the recording industry. Go ahead and fill out our application for free, and see how much your life could change in the next six months.