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OVERVIEW of the Recording Connection Audio Institute


At The Recording Connection Audio Institute, we require no previous work or school experience with audio or music recording to enroll in our music production and audio engineering programme. However, because of our proprietary mentor-apprentice approach, our selection process is necessarily different from that of other schools.
Since we place our students into actual, professional, real-world studios for on-the-job training, our selection criteria for applicants is based on more on employability standards than it is on the typical school admissions criteria. Therefore, while we don’t require prior experience, we do have admission standards that are quite high. In fact, we typically admit only one applicant out of every 20—that’s 5 percent.

Sadly, it seems that most audio recording schools will accept anyone with the ability to pay the tuition (either by cash, credit or financial aid), and for that reason, they are essentially “diploma mills” that process plenty of ill-qualified students but give them no real opportunities for success. Because we’re placing our students into professional workplaces, Recording Connection doesn’t have the luxury of doing business this way—even our conscience permitted it. In order to be approved for an apprenticeship, each student must attend an open-house interview (at no charge) with their prospective mentor in the studio where they will be studying. Only upon approval by both the mentor and Recording Connection will that student be allowed to move forward into apprenticeship for a career as a Recording Engineer or Music Producer.

The bottom line is, we aren’t looking for prior experience, but when we consider you as an applicant to our audio engineering programme, we are looking for something beyond just the ability to pay. Simply put, we’re looking for people with whom we could be confident placing into professional music industry environments: people with a strong work ethic, passion, reliability, and motivation to advance their careers (essentially the same qualities an employer seeks in a potential employee). Show us these characteristics, and you’re more likely to succeed, not only in our school, but in the music industry in general.


Our recording and audio engineering programme costs 12,898 if paid in full, or 14,214 AUD if you finance.

This tuition rate is all-inclusive (i.e., no additional fees or hidden charges), and covers curriculum and training materials, placement research, in-studio training, and payment for your mentor.
Learn more about the cost of Recording Connection by clicking HERE.


Recording Connection Audio Institute has a straightforward enrollment procedure, which we outline below:

Step 1: Apply for free here

Step 2: An Admissions Counselor responds to you by phone within 2 business days after your application is received. (Feel free to call us at 800-755-7597 if you have not heard back from us by that time.)

Step 3: A member of our Admissions Staff discusses your financing options with you, helping assemble a package suitable to your budget if you are unable to pay in full. .

Step 4: A member of our Placement Department identifies an apprenticeship opening in a recording studio within a 60-minute drive of your home, matching your preferences and interests with available openings.  

Step 5: A staff member calls you to prepare you for a free, open-house interview with your potential mentor.

Step 6: You visit the recording studio we’ve selected for you, in order to meet with your prospective mentor. (Please note that up to this point, you still owe no money and are under no obligation.)

Step 7: Within 48 hours of your open-house mentor interview, The Recording Connection Audio Institute notifies you of your acceptance or non-acceptance into the programme, based solely on your mentor’s impressions as to your motivation, desire, and hunger for knowledge (not on experience).

Step 8: Upon final acceptance into the Recording Connection programme, you pay your tuition (or finalise your financial arrangements with us), we ship your course materials, and you get started with your apprenticeship.

For more information about the enrollment process and what to expect in the open-house interview, CLICK HERE.


Ready to get started? Then simply fill out and submit your free Enrollment Application here. The enrollment process will begin within 2 business days with a phone call from a Recording Connection Admissions Representative. To apply, CLICK HERE.

About Recording Connection

Recording Connection is recognised by both the NPSAA and the USBAS as a fully accredited institution of higher learning. Additionally we are an Associate Member in numerous prestigious organisations. For more information, CLICK HERE.