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Careers in Music Producing Start Here
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Careers in Music Producing Start Here

Dreaming of being an award-winning Music Producer one day, arranging, composing and recording music with some of your favourite bands?

It’s a great dream to have—but how are you going to get there? The job of music producer is one of the most coveted careers on the planet, in one of the most competitive industries on the planet.

If you’re going to succeed, you’ll need real-world experience and real-life connections, the kind only Recording Connection can offer. If you’ve got the hunger, and the work ethic, to make it as a music producer, then we’ve got the tools to help you get there.




The job of music producer is intense and high-pressure—but it can also be an extremely exciting way to satisfy the creative streak within you, while making some serious money at the same time.

All over the world, audio engineering schools get applications numbering in the hundreds of thousands, from people like you who want to become music producers. But this is 2011, not 1973. The truth is, there aren’t enough jobs in music production available for the people who are hunting for them.

Each year, though, a small number of new music producers actually do succeed, making successful niches for themselves in the music business. Are these people just lucky? Not in the least. The ones who make it are the ones who have two things: 1) the proper education, and 2) solid industry connections. You MUST have both ingredients; one without the other will not be sufficient.

Why are connections so critical in this business? Think this over: If you were an executive of a major record label looking for a fresh producer for a hot new band you’d just signed, who would you hire? Would you hire some unknown kid fresh out of school with only a piece of paper to prove his/her mettle? Our would you hire a young creative professional recommended to you by your colleagues, someone whom you were told had the work ethic and talent to make things happen? In other words—someone who had a reputation for success, because he/she was connected to the industry?

The dirty little secret that other audio schools won’t reveal is this: The only way to become a successful music producer in the music business is by working your way up the professional ladder in a real recording studio. The question is: would you rather start trying to climb that ladder AFTER graduating from one or the other schools, with no real connections to get your foot in the door—or would you start your education inside the recording studio, and make those connections and climb the ladder as you learn?

The Recording Connection Audio Institute puts you, from day one, inside the recording studio. That is our industry edge.

But you’ve probably already realised that connections alone aren’t enough, either. It isn’t just who you know; it’s also what you know. As a Recording Connection Audio Institute music production student, you will also get a solid education by working through our structured course curriculum. You will work in the recording studio between 2 – 7 times a week, receiving personal, one-on-one instruction in all of the following skills:

  • Artist relations
  • Studio relations
  • Audio engineer relations
  • Client relations
  • Record label relations
  • Audio processing
  • Composition and arranging
  • Pro Tools 8
  • Reason, Logic, or Ableton Live
  • Signal flow and patch bays
  • Available audio plugins and how they work
  • Digital audio
  • Surround mixing
  • In-depth study of analog consoles and how they work
  • Signal processing and compressors
  • Proper microphone placement
  • How microphones are designed and used
  • Performing a professional mix-down
  • Studio design
  • Monitor usage
  • Electronic music and beat matching
  • Sync and automation
  • Recording and mixing

The fact is—you must have both a quality education and inside industry connections in order to make it as a music producer.  It won’t do to have just one or the other. The Recording Connection Audio Institute provides you the best of both.