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About Us

Since 1983, the year The Recording Connection Audio Institute was launched, we have successfully placed over 10,000 apprentices in real recording studios all over the glove. By getting our students in the door of these studios as apprentices, we are enabling those students to make valuable industry connections as they study and prepare for careers as audio engineers, music producers, live audio techs, and sound designers. The Recording Connection is also an excellent course for musicians and composers who want learn more about the recording process as part of expanding their art.

Our corporate offices are located in Los Angeles, CA at the world-famous Los Angeles Center Studios. Please call us at 285.203.110 if you need our assistance, or make an appointment and come on in.

Meet the Recording Connection Team

Please click one of the links below to meet our staff:


Admissions Department

The mission of this department is to assist with your educational goals. If you are applying to Recording Connection, or following up on an application already submitted, this is the department you need to contact. If you have already spoken with an Admissions Counselor, and are waiting to meet your mentor, please click the next department listed.

Mentor & Student Placement Department

If you’ve spoken to an Admissions Counselor and are approved to meet a mentor, contact this department.

Financial Aid & Student Loan Department

If you need assistance in paying your tuition, or want to look at financing or loan options, this is the department you need. Please note: do not contact this department until you have first spoken to an Admissions Counselor. Financial Aid Counselors can only help you with your tuition needs after you have spoken with your Admissions Counselor..


Student Services Department

This department is dedicated to helping you complete our programme successfully, as well as offering job placement assistance. Enrolled and accepted students may contact the Student Services Department for questions about homework, scheduling, transfers, and any other issues encountered while working through the programme. This department also includes the Stay Connected Programme, which oversees employment assistance for graduates.

Administration Department

This department handles already accepted or current students who have questions about enrollment, books and materials, or other questions.

Accounting Department

This department handles inquires about tuition/payments for already accepted students or current students and mentor-related payments.


Executive Offices

This page contains information about the Recording Connection Recording School’s founding and overseeing members, the President, Vice President, Head of Admissions, and the Board of Directors.

Media Relations and Business Opportunities

If you are interested in a partnership or new business venture, please click here.